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Some awesome jobs from other artists



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Camus Altamirano
Artist | Professional | Varied
Im also a bass player/singer.


104 Cubone by CamusAltamirano
104 Cubone
Japanese: カラカラ Karakara
Height: 0,4 m
Weight: 6,5 kg
Type: Ground
Habitat: Mountain

Cubone is a small, bipedal Pokémon with a golden brown hide that covers most of its body, including both dorsal spikes. Its belly is a very light brown. On its head, Cubone wears the skull of its dead mother as a helmet. Because of this, much of its actual face has never actually been seen, except for its triangular, black eyes and a small area surrounding them. The skull has two rounded horns on the top of its head and a tooth-like point on the lower sides. Under the skull, Cubone has a brown snout. The small Cubone survives only through the immense skill it possesses in wielding the bone it carries as a weapon.

It is called the Lonely Pokémon because of its tendency to keep to itself and avoid social situations, as it was apparently traumatized by the death of its mother. Cubone will often weep at night in mourning of its mother. When Cubone cries, the skull that it wears on its head vibrates and emits “a plaintive and mournful sound.” On the night of a full moon, the cries are said to be especially terrible. Cubone seems to recognize its mother in the moon, and so it howls with a particular sadness. It lives in rocky areas, usually on mountains or in caves.

TARA 2015 by CamusAltamirano
TARA 2015
My character Tara made it!, she will become the official image from one famous pub in my city
016 Pidgey by CamusAltamirano
016 Pidgey
Japanese: ポッポ Poppo
Height: 0,3 m
Weight: 1,8 kg
Type: Normal/Flying
Habitat: Forest

Pidgey is a small, plump-bodied avian Pokémon. It is primarily brown with a cream-colored face, underside, and flight feathers. Both its feet and beak are a pinkish-gray color. It has black, angular markings around its eyes and a small crest of brown and cream feathers above its eyes.

Pidgey has an extremely sharp sense of direction and homing instincts. It can locate its nest even when far removed from familiar surroundings. Pidgey is a docile Pokémon, and generally prefers to flee from its enemies rather than fight them. Pidgey protects itself and flushes out potential prey by flapping its wings rapidly and throwing up dust clouds or creating whirlwinds. Pidgey is very common and can be seen in meadows and forests.
Hello Watchers, its been a while. Im kinda returning!


I've seen the news about some new dinosaurs, so i'm gonna change the entire gallery and add some more realistic touch, and some environment in the background starting with the always polemical Spinosaurus.


Im gonna make 4 creatures this october : Dragon, Unicorn, Behemot and Fairys


Anna and Elsa are in process

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