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Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!
Hello Watchers as some of you notice i've been doing some dinosaurs with more details. Thata because i want to make a book/app with those. With my official logo of the Dinopedia. Im planning to do 200 dinosaurs hope you'll like them
Hello Watchers, its been a while. Im kinda returning!


I've seen the news about some new dinosaurs, so i'm gonna change the entire gallery and add some more realistic touch, and some environment in the background starting with the always polemical Spinosaurus.


Im gonna make 4 creatures this october : Dragon, Unicorn, Behemot and Fairys


Anna and Elsa are in process
Hello watchers! you can find some more of my work in instagram:

There i will put some pictures that i been taking when im not carrying my Nikon but i see a cool shot at one particular moment of the day. Follow me!
Well im back after a few months of doing some other things...

A lot of people ask me to do Elsa and Anna from FROZEN, and i will really soon, but just before the two sisters Oscar winners comes a non-disney girls with a lot of gold...

And the Disney boys will be transform...
Here is the teaser trailer of my animated film that i've been working in the past months. Let me know what you think


Does anyone know wich format of video can be uploaded here in DA?
I just saw the new trailer from the new Disney movie "Frozen" inspired from Andersen's tale. And finally saw the main characters the sisters Anna and Elsa so i decided to put them on the Ladies gallery. Hopefully the movie would be a nice interpretation of the original story.

Anyways, some of you know that my gallery not only includes Disney girls but also from other studios like Dreamworks, WB, Don Bluth, Fox, etc.

Wich one would you like to see on the gallery of NON-DISNEY girls?


Acabo de ver el nuevo avance a la nueva película de Disney "Frozen" basada en la obra de Andersen. Y con ello vi por primera vez a las 2 protagonistas, las hermanas Anna y Elsa, por ello, eh decidido integrarlas a mi galería de Ladies. Espero la película haga buena justicia al cuento original.

Pero como algunos saben, mi galería no sólo incluye chicas Disney, si no de otros estudios tales como Dreamworks, WB, Don Bluth, Fox, etc.

¿A quienes les gustaría ver en la galería de chicas NO-Disney?
Superman is my favourite superhero of all time and i just watch the anticipated reboot from Zack Snyder, Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer.

I must say that I FREAKIN' LOVED IT!!! 9/10!!

Superman needed a fresh take to modern audiences. We love the Richard Donner films and Christopher Reeve, but...we have to let some things go. That was the problem with Superman Returns (2006) it was tried to put some old fashion nostalgia from the past movies to modern audiences, only a few people knew that SR was a continuation of the Donner's films.
Now, we have a total reboot for the last son of Krypton, more appropriete to this era. Henry Cavill did a excellent job, and all the cast as well. Im really excited to looking forward this franchise, and of course the future Justice League.

That being said, im going to make a tribute to all actors who played Superman since Allyn Kirk to Henry Cavill on a digital painting.
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Hello everybody. I just wanna tell that im also a bassplayer and this is my YouTube Channel:…

Please subscribe!
Here's a clue for you to discover who is the next lady of the collection.

Listen to the song "Creek Mary's blood" from Nightwish. Tell me wich lady match with the song.

i give you the link for you to listen:…
A lot of people are asking a lot when im going to do more ladies in my gallery, where's cinderella, Pocahontas, Tinkerbell, etc etc.

The answer is April 9th. The Next one is not  princess, but she's Disney...
Hello Watchers, none of you know that im also a bass player. Finally i started my bass cover videos.

Here's the link of my first video:…

I'll be uploading covers from Tarot, Nightwish, Nirvana, blink 182, Pearl Jam, AC/DC, etc, etc. If you like those kind of bands please Suscribe!
Well as you may notice my gallery from 2013 has started, and i have some new ideas and drawings to make.

First: The new gallery called "creatures" a subfolder of Digital drawings. The gallery will be including some famous monsters and creatures from movies and mitological history, like Kraken, mermaids, Clover, Nessie, Predator, Bigfoot, etc.
The ilustration will have a mix technique beetween ink and digital colouring. My inspiration for this was the movie "Cabin in the Woods" at the final scenes.

About "The Ladies" gallery, im going to watch the movie where the first lady of 2013 appears.

Dinosaurs will comeback too, and other digital paintings.

Thanks for "watching".
I have to thank of those whom wrote in my "wall" about my beerday

I'm 25 years old now with a lot of things to do, tomorrow i will start making new ilustrations.

Gracias a todos!
Thanks to all!
Well one year has passed since i created this account. I have something for my watchers but i still have a lot of work to do. Im sketching the image of this first aniversary

Princesses are coming
Dinosaurs are coming
Digital paintings too
A lot of illustrations are going to be here before this year ends

Thanks watching me!
Hello Watchers!

Halloween is getting closer, i was wondering if you like to see Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas with the other girls in "The ladies" foldier or just a traditional draw of her. Let me know! The illustration will be uploaded on Halloween.
I'll be notice that some people who put in their favourites my princesses collection, some with special folders called "Disney", and with the other girls, Anastasia is on it...I guess is still confusing for some people that she is from the 20th century fox not Disney. The same case with Odette.
Maybe the problem is that David Kawena only drew Disney heroes and people have the idea that mine is the same (and yes, my girls are a tribute of DK work and he knows the existence of my princesses), but my gallery is not only from Disney girls and that's why my collections is going to be a little more extended. For that reason i put the facts below the illustration like putting the company of each girl belongs

Anyway, some people ask me if i'm done with my heroines gallery, and the answer of course is NO, i have a list that ends with Jessica Rabbit. When you see her means that the collection is complete. But is still a long way to end it.

I'm a little bit ausent for my Deviant account because i have a lot of work doing my tesis, that's why i havent been uploading new works recently, but i have some new stuffs almost completed...till then, write you soon.
Hello folks,

I have some interesting work to do, i'm making a comic that i been writing the last 4 years, and now i'm making the production of the #1. That's why i haven't upload illustrations frecuently. The dinos are easy to do, i'll be uploading paleoart every week. But the princesses are more complicated (duh) but the next one is almost ready to upload, i hope during this week she will join the group.
Also i will share some characters of my comic.

And as you some notice, the new gallery is about Saint Seiya, but in a reallistic touch, Cygnus Hyoga is the next...

Write you soon. Hasta luego!